Free webinar for people working and volunteering at NGOs

Self-Care in the NGO sector

About The Webinar

How much does it take from you personally to keep on giving, saving and serving every day, as part of being employed by, or volunteering, at an NGO?

Our charity sector are characterized by people who walk the extra mile, but sadly also by people who are tired and burnt out.  Do not let this happen to you!

On Wednesday 22 June (10h00 to 11h00) I will host a free webinar about Self-Care in the NGO sector, and you are invited!

In the second part of the webinar, I will give information about joining the NPO Fundraising Forum as I get so many questions regarding this.

This hour with me, will answer all your questions about the Fundraising Forum, but the main purpose of the event will be to inspire, motivate and equip you for the work that you do, by also taking care of yourself.​​​​​​​

  • Self-Care is the art of looking after yourself, so that you can look after others.

  • You can only give if you have something to give. When was the last time you invested time (and money!) in yourself? 

  • Looking after your own development, is the most important value you can add to the NGO that you are involved in.

  • Annelise de Jager

    Webinar Host

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