Prioritizing People Planning with Adaptive

About The Webinar

The science backing how critical Workforce Planning is to your entire organization has been around for decades. Closing your eyes to long-range human resource planning means opening your organization up to unnecessary risk and weakens your chances of attracting top talent.  

Join us for a demonstration of how Workday Adaptive Planning can lay the foundation for successful Workforce Planning for your organization. Let’s not let the finance team have all the fun with Adaptive! 

In this session, we’ll cover… 

  • Basics of Workforce Planning with Adaptive 

  • Managing Workflows, New Hire Requests, and Open Job Requisitions 

  • Integrating between Adaptive Planning and your HRIS / HCM / Applicant Tracking tools 

  • Active Cyber

    Webinar Host

  • Haley Elliott

    Webinar Host

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