ACS Virtual Lunch and Learn

Robotiq's Palletizer for Universal Robot

About The Webinar

Robotiq has a dedicated mission to bring world class solutions to the Collaborative Robot market.  They have now developed a complete system solution that provides a way to automate palletizing with very simple controls and an easy to learn interface.  This is a great option for improving the quality and consistancy  of a production line without the need for complex programming !!

  • Complete system, Tyler Mayes will review the system and cover everything you will need from a hardware perpective that is included withthe system to get up and running quickly

  • Ease of programming,  A complete setup of the system and programming interface will be explained in detail along with access to the online simulator to aid in cycle time studies.

  • Free Lunch, Since this is a Virtual Lunch and Learn.  For everyone attending and staying for the entire event ACS will send out a gift card to have lunch on us!!

  • Cale Harbour

    Webinar Host

  • Tyler Mayes

    Webinar Host

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