LIVE Panel Webinar

About this LIVE Panel Webinar

We have put together a panel of vastly experienced and straight-talking Crowd and Event Safety professionals.

This webinar will not feature any presentations. We want to leave it up to you, the attendees, to dictate where the conversation goes, what topics we discuss, what debates we get into. 

This is an opportunity for YOU to put YOUR questions to the panel and have them ansered. 

  • Ask about how anyone is supposed to ACTUALLY do a Risk Assessment for an event.

  • Ask about Crowd and Event Safety in light of COVID-19.

  • Ask how much of what we do is pure box-ticking.

  • Ask about YOUR particular challenge.

  • Ask whatever you like.

  • Mark Breen

    Webinar Host

  • Tim Roberts


  • Eric Stuart


  • Dan Ward


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