Cognex Deep Learning Machine Vision with Color VIDI

Join us for this Virtual Lunch and Learn

Deep Learning and AI has been in the news recently and the capabilities that it offers have been truly amazing.  Cognex has just launched a new addition that greatly enhances the capabilities of their VIDI solutions to solve the previously unsolvable !!!

  • The Addition of Color - Color greatly increases the amount of data available.  This allows for the Deep learning of the Cognex VIDI to perform more sophisticated decision making.

  • Solve complex tasks -  During this session we will explore what VIDI is, what applications we have been able to solve and what new applications are now achievable.

  • Lunch on us-  Since this is a virtual Lunch and Learn for everyone attending the entire webinar we will send out a gift card to enjoy lunch from ACS and Cognex.

  • Cale Harbour

    Webinar Host

  • Greg Seal

    Webinar Host

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