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Understanding Guru Nanak through a Docuseries

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Guru Nanak, an embodiment of Oneness, is a revolutionary spiritual teacher. Born in 1469, he traversed vast geographies for over two decades to visit congregational sites of diverse faiths with a noble interest in seeking and imparting universal fellowship. “Allegory - A Tapestry of Guru Nanak’s Travels”, a 24-episode documentary series, sequentially explores Guru Nanak’s life events to unfurl the deep imports of his messages. Filmed at over 150 multifaith sites in 9 countries, the documentary series is currently available in EnglishPunjabi (Gurmukhi) and Punjabi (Shahmukhi). In 2023, the documentary series will also be released in Hindi and Urdu languages.

  • Join Amardeep Singh, Director of the docuseries to hear and discuss insights from the making of the documentary series.

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