PROSPER FORMULA: Double Your Profit in 90 Days or Less!

About The Webinar

The real estate business is just as much about BUSINESS as it is about real estate.  Property renovation and rental management skills will only get you so far.  To scale into the mid 6-figure to 7-figure range, investors must become true students of entrepreneurship.
At this month’s meeting of the Professional Investors Guild, we will be joined by best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, 7-figure business owner, and long-time PIG member, Eddie Hill.  Eddie will be sharing his “Prosper Formula” and the 7 key focus areas for exploding your bottom line.
Topics to be covered include

  • How to Double Your Net Profit in 90 Days or Less

  • ELBs and the Miracle Power of Small Changes

  • The 5% Rule to a More Productive Business

  • …And So Much More!

  • Matt Robinson

    PIG Founder & Webinar Host

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