Sponsored by: Devtraco Plus & Ecobank Ghana Limited

Discussion Points:

How will the upcoming general election affect funding, development, and  investments plans for the sector? And how has the pandemic affected election planning?

How is Ghana realigning its economy to a focus on non-oil sectors? How key will this be in driving GDP growth in short to mid-term?

How will and are structural trends such as increased tourism activities and the “The Year of Return Initiative” drive demand for real estate?

Residential sales and enquiries have remained fairly robust in comparison to other sectors - what can this be attributed to and can we expect this to continue in the short to mid-term?

The local serviced apartment sub-sector was experiencing a surge in demand pre Covid-19 – is it still an opportune time for investors to get in?

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    Webinar Host

  • Dr Edward Botchway

    Chief Financial Officer & Executive Director - EcoBankbGhana Limited

  • Shirley Dontoh

    Head, Liabilities & Bancassurance - EcoBank Ghana Limited

  • Robert Owusu-Sekyere

    Acting Marketing Manager - Devtraco Plus

  • Gene Oduro Birikorang

    Head of Sales - Devtraco Plus

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