What's new and exciting with the "Book of Zeek"?

In this webinar, Riachard Bejtlich, will discuss what can be found in the 60,000+ new words and what updates can be found in 300 pages that have been added to the book of Zeek.  

Bring your questions, feedback, suggestions and more.  Not only will you learn about the Zeek documentation, but you'll also learn how you can get involved and help shape the furure of the Zeek documentation. 

  • Amber Graner

    Zeek Webinar Host, Director of Community at Corelight Inc. and a member of the Zeek Project Leadership Team (LT).

  • Richard Bejtlich

    Zeek Webinar Presenter; Richard Bejtlich is a Strategist and the Author in Residence at Corelight.

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