Salon Jedi Super Summit Online

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR significant growth in your salon business? Finally a FREE Salon Transformation event hosted online for your convenience.
You will​​​​​​​  learn how to master not only your salon business but yourself.

Watch the video below to see what people are saying about our live event and register for our very first online summit.

  • Caroline Sanderson

    Webinar Host

  • Carla Zebrowski

    Webinar Host

  • MINDSET​​​​​​​ - Why your brain is holding you back from reaching your greatest goals

  • MARKETING on Google​​​​​​​ - Are you loosing £57.600 in revenue by not been seen on google just like Natalie was?

  • MARKETING on Facebook​​​​​​​ - How to attract new clients for pennies using Facebook and how to turn £5 into £997 with one advert.

  • PRICING - Are you making this one HUGE pricing mistake ?

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