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About The Webinar

You’ve heard it’s a career best practice to have a LinkedIn profile. So you likely created a basic profile, added some experience from your resume, and thought that was sufficient. Sound familiar?

If you aren’t actively job hunting, you may not think your LinkedIn profile is anything you need to worry about. But things can change in an instant.

Employment is not guaranteed.

So you need to be prepared for career opportunities.

Since the pandemic, more companies are interviewing exclusively using digital tools and relying on social profiles to screen candidates.

If you want to impress them, you need a powerful LinkedIn profile! A profile that not only showcases your personal brand and work experience, but also highlights your skills and accomplishments with work samples.

​​​​​​​During this webinar, you'll learn: 

  • Why you need to showcase your skills and abilities to get ahead.

  • Three key strategies for boosting your professional visibility. 

  • How a professional portfolio can propel you into the spotlight and keep you there.

  • How to get started creating your social portfolio using LinkedIn immediately!

  • Julie Perrine

    Webinar Host

  • Jaclyn Baldovin

    Webinar Presenter

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