Free Difficult Behavior Webinar

Taught by Anxiety & OCD Child Therapist, Natasha Daniels

Tips to Handle Difficult Behavior Caused by Anxiety or OCD

Are you dealing with difficult behavior in your child with anxiety or OCD? In just 50 minutes, your whole approach to your child's difficult behavior can change. Difficult behavior caused by anxiety or OCD requires a different approach than your typical parenting approach. ​​​​​​​

What you will learn in the webinar

  • How to decipher what behaviors are caused by anxiety or OCD and what is typical
    Learn techniques you can use to figure out whether the behavior is coming from anxiety or OCD.

  • Do typical parenting approaches work?

    Difficult behavior that is caused by anxiety or OCD requires a different approach. 

  • How to look at difficult behaviors through a different lens

    Learn to look at the behavior differently in order to have the best approach.

  • How we approach difficult behavior matters

    Learn skills to lovingly detach and not make the situation more stressful for you or your child. 

  • Do you know your own triggers?

    Looking at what triggers us and why can help establish a better approach to your child's difficult behavior.

  • Natasha Daniels, Anxiety & OCD Therapist

    Webinar Host

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