— e p i s o d e   t h i r t y  —
She Went Back To School At 60 Years Old
To Become A Travel Journalist & Published Her First Book At 73

She Now Inspires People Of All Agest To Step
Out Of Their Comfort Zone & Make A Difference

The Journey of Patti Lefkos: From A Burned Out Inner City School Teacher To Journalist, Author, Himilayan Trekker and Humanitarian

Meet Patti Lefkos— From under the big sky and beautiful trees of the Silver Star Mountain Resort in British Columbia, Canada, Patti Lefkos is a freelance writer, journalist, and global trekker. Her articles have appeared in many regional, national, and international publications, including Macleans, The Globe, and Mail, The San Francisco Chronicle, Elevation Outdoors,, Okanagan Life Okanagan Woman magazines.
She left her job as an inner-city educator and returned to school to change careers at 60 years old. That started her out on writing and trekking adventures around the world. Thirteen years later, at 73 years old, Patti wrote her first book, “Nepal One Day At A Time, One woman’s quest to teach, trek and build a school in the remote Himalayas,” Published and released on March 12, 2020, the day before most of the world shut down due to Covid-19. 

Writers Digest calls “Nepal One Day At A Time” “a joy to read…an unfiltered and brave account of her solo journey, the ups and downs, the beautiful and the not-so-beautiful. 

She and her husband remain active and ski, paddle, and hike regularly. Most recently, the couple spent 25 days trekking the challenging Manaslu Circuit in Nepal, topping out at a high pass of 16,750 feet. 

Patti prefers the adventure of often rough, challenging, and dangerous trekking and exploring rather than the sedentary bus tours and cruises most people her age do. In that way, through her writing and perseverance, she inspires and helps others overcome fears and develop strategies for safe solo travel and volunteer experiences in developing countries. She aims to support travel writers of all ages and mostly represents a woman’s perspective in travel writing.​​​​​​​
Our Discussion Will Cover Some Of These & Other Topics

  • Facing major fears of solo travel​​​​​​​ —Sleeping in a tent and sharing only one Western toilet in the village

  • Trekking the Forbidden Kingdom of Upper Mustang to the wedieval wall-city of Lo-Manthang While confronting the harsh realities of trekking at altitude, peeing all night, massive headaches, loss of appetite and nausea​​​​​​​

  • Volunteering & Teaching Young Nepalese ChildrenFundraising and building an eight room school for 225 students and homes for two families in remote Aprik village in Gorkha, Nepal at the epicentre of the 2015 earthquake

  • Sleeping In The Worst Accomodations You Could Imagine—Tells the tale of sleeping in a teahouse in the wild where bugs fall from the ceiling and rats chew  grain sacks at the foot of her bed.

  • You Ask The Questions, We Get You AnswersBring your questions, thoughts, ideas, and experiences in our interactive chat during the livestream

  • Allan Karl, Host of Journeys Webcast

    Bestselling author of "FORKS: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, Connection," motorcycle adventurer, television host, keynote speaker, and award winning photographer.

  • Patti Lefkos

    Journalist, Author, Himilayan Trekker and Humanitarian

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