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Seventeen Years
 2 Ride The World
The King & Queen of Adventure Travel
​​​​​​​Simon & Lisa Thomas

From Breaking Their Neck In The Amazon To Dodging Gunfire In Russia. The Journey Of Simon and Lisa Thomas — 2 Ride The World.

LIVE: Monday, March 1st 3 PM PST/6 PM EST

Meet Lisa & Simon — The adventurous duo set out to ride around the world in May of 2003. Since then, they’ve crossed six continents and logged over 500,000 miles. They’ve well earned the admiration of their peers and are now known as ‘the Adventure rider’s riders’. 

For over 17 years Simon and Lisa braved and survived some of the world’s harshest environments. While their journey tested their limits, they never stopped recording, documenting and sharing the adventure through their popular social channels and website—which has become a valuable source of information to the adventure-riding community (

They’ve survived a broken neck and malaria in the Amazon, being shot at in Russia, traversed 36 deserts, and were threatened with expulsion having been wrongfully accused of kidnapping a President’s son. But, that’s another story. 

They’ve run out of water, squinted at hallucinations, repaired damaged bikes with scrap airplane parts, dined with Massai warriors and presidents and never stopped loving each other through every mile they traveled.. 

Lisa and Simon have shared their experiences with live audiences around the globe, authored articles for top travel and motorcycle publications and made over 40 international TV appearances, written a cookbook and been the focus of a BBC documentary. 

Today their reach extends beyond the motorcycle world and the pair have presented and shared their unique insight and life lessons with business leaders leaders and brands such as BMW, Boeing, and Adidas. 

As authors, photographers and filmmakers their work has been seen across five continents and enjoyed by millions. It’s fair to say the Simon & Lisa  contributed wildly to defining and understanding what is now referred to as ‘Adventure Riding’. 
Our Discussion Will Cover Some Of These & Other Topics

  • How A 16 Month Trip Lasted Seventeen Years | Their plan was simple, until it got long and complicated. Simon and Lisa tell us how and the life lessons that can inspire anyone

  • Maintaining A Loving Relationship 24/7 For Seventeen Years | They say all relationships needs space, riding around the world gives you little or a lot. How do they keep it together?

  • Lost In the Amazon: The Bridge and The Broken Neck | How a ride deep into the Amazon became more than a test of strength and endurance

  • Who Kidnapped The President’s Son? | They pointed their fingers at the adventure riding couple, accusing them of kidnapping. What’s the real story?

  • The Challenge Of Keeping Two Bikes & Two Spirits Going | They’ve braved rough roads, calamitous climate, torching temperatures, and whipping winds—how do they keep going?

  • You Ask The Questions, We Get You AnswersBring your questions, thoughts, ideas, and experiences in our interactive chat during the livestream

  • Allan Karl, Host of Journeys Webcast

    Bestselling author of "FORKS: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, Connection," motorcycle adventurer, television host, keynote speaker, and award winning photographer.

  • Lisa & Simon Thomas

    Adventurers, Photographers, Authors, Speakers, and Dynamic Duo Behind 2 Ride The World.

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