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From Bicycling Mongolia, To Tracking Pumas In Chile And Interviewing Some of The Most Creative People In The World
Author, Photographer, Editor, and Interviewer
Michael Shapiro

Author of “The Creative Spark”

The Journey of Travel Writer, Editor, & Interviewer Michael Shapiro Michael writes about travel, food, entertainment, and environmental issues. A former staff reporter and editor at leading newspapers in the San Francisco bay area. He’s the author of “The Creative Spark,” a collection of interviews with many of the world’s most creative people. His book “A Sense of Place” features conversations with leading travel writers. His stories appear in the Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle and many others.

Michael Shapiro is the author of the new book, The Creative Spark: How musicians, writers, explorers, and other artists found their inner fire and followed their dreams, published in autumn, 2019. The book is a collection of interviews and biographical sketches that serve as an inspiration for creative endeavors. Among those whom Shapiro interviewed: Smokey Robinson, Lucinda Williams, Francis Ford Coppola, Pico Iyer, Jane Goodall, Amy Tan, David Sedaris, and Barbara Kingsolver.
Our Conversation Will Touch On Some of These Topics & More:

  • The Challenge & Opportunity Of Interviewing Famous People​​​​​​​  | How does Michael establish rapport with legendary artists from literature, film, music, and adventure.​​​​​​​

  • Crazy Stories From A Travel Writer​​​​​​​ | Where and what kind of challenges did Michael need to solve to get out on the road.

  • The Creative Spark | How does Michael find his inner fire  and what advice can he share to others from his interviews with creative artists

  • The Thrill of Rapids And Rushing Water | Michael’s passion for whitewater rafting

  • The Space Between | How can travel foster understanding and encourage people to build bridges rather than walls

  • Answer Your Questions | Our interactive webcast and chat room lets you get close and ask the tough questions.

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    Bestselling author of "FORKS: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, Connection," motorcycle adventurer, television host, keynote speaker, and award winning photographer.

  • Michael Shapiro

    Writer, editor, photographer, interviewer and author of "The Creative Spark"

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