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Star Gazing Webinar For Beginners

90 min Webinar, where you will learn how to stargaze using simple and easy, naked eye viewing techniques like ancient travellers, sages and sailors.

Stargazing is best in a live session, but this webinar is to help you learn to stargaze by yourself, without having to wait to attend a live event.

To learn the art of stargazing without feeling overwhelmed. To know what to look for while lying under the canopy of the night sky. To have fun stirring up your imagination and creativity.

Webinar style is suitable for older children (14+). Young children can participate along with their parents / teachers as co-guides.

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Webinar Presenters

  • Capt. Preetham Madhukar

    Webinar Host | Founder of Skills Beyond Education | Stargazing Guide

What You Will Learn In The Webinar

  • How to prepare for stargazing

    Do's and dont's, tips and tricks for yourself, how to choose the venue and timings, how to prepare yourself to stargaze and to enjoy the experience.

  • How to stargaze solo or with someone

    You will learn how to stargaze solo or with someone like your friend, partner or child. Tips and tricks, how to get comfortable with the night sky as a novice stargazer.

  • How to use basic aids to stargazing 

    How to do darkness adaptation exercises, how to use binoculars properly, apps (if you must), star charts and few other simple tools and techniques.

  • Play games, listen to stories and more...

    Learn how you can have fun while stargazing. How to stir up your imagination and creativity. How to relax and meditate under the stars and many more....

  • Free copy of 'Tips for Night Sky Viewing' and more...

    Collect your free copy of night sky veiwing tips, star chart to get you started and  some more take aways....

  • 48 hours webinar recording access..

    In case you miss the event or would like to watch it again, then you can use the same login and password to watch the replay of the webinar.

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