What You Ought to Know About Estate & Medicaid Planning

Attorney George Lovett will explain, in simple terms, how proper planning can benefit your family. His law firm has prepared thousands of estate plans for Ohio residents — don’t miss this highly informative webinar!

In This Webinar, You'll Learn...

  • How a trust may transfer your assets to your family quickly, without the cost or delay of probate and taxes.

  • How to help ensure your assets are managed as you desire, in the event you become ill, disabled or incapacitated.

  • How to protect your assets & your children’s inheritance — to try to avoid potential lawsuits & creditors.

  • How to qualify for Medicaid earlier — to avoid spending thousands of dollars each month on long-term care.

  • What financial options there are to help you move to a nursing home of your choice, or stay in your own home.

  • How to select an estate planning professional you can trust — to help ensure your estate is in order.

  • George Lovett

    Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney

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