The Wize Ecosystem: Wize Protocol and Products

Join Radiocrafts and other leading members in the Wize Alliance as we discuss the Wize ecosystem and share our expertise on Wize, a Wireless M-Bus Mode N based 169 MHz IIoT technology designed to achieve long range, great object penetration, and long battery life.

Who are our Wize experts and what expertise will they be sharing?

Gregory Money, Embedded Software Engineer from Radiocrafts
• Who are the Wize Alliance?
• What are the benefits of the 169 MHz ISM band?
• Radiocrafts Wize module offering

​​​​​​​Eric Farnier, Strategic Project Manager at Suez Smart Solutions
Wize gateways and network access

Marc Fàbregas Bachs, Founder of AllWize
Wize end products to improve the quality of the urban services in your city

  • Nicholas Nytun

    Webinar Host

  • Gregory Money

    Webinar Presenter

  • Eric Farnier

    Webinar Presenter

  • Marc Fàbregas Bachs

    Webinar Presenter

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