We're on the cusp...

of a new paradigm can you feel it all shifting, Mystic?

We are very passionate about educating in these uncertain times.

We are talking about cracking wide open.

Waking up.

Diving into our shadows.

Knowing thy self!!!

...also preparing for the recovery of this by teaching mystics how to make money using their gifts.

We are ground zero right now, this is not a test. This is an opportunity to take the time we need to step into our path, so start anew...


  • Activate:  crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakras

  • Let's talk about:

    Diving into the abyss of fear, it’s ok you’re ready

    Acknowledging your gifts

    Why your ego won't allow you to trust your spirit

    Practicing the art of trust

    Healing and using your Clairs

    Goal setting through consciousness

    Inner and outer purpose

    Leadership & detaching with community

    What is your mysticism

    What does “starting your business” mean

    Connect to the entity of your business

    Non-dominate Clair

    The whole energy body and how it all comes together​​​​​​​

  • Shakisha Reynolds

    Co-Creator of The Woo Collective

  • Laureen Mally

    Co-Creator of The Woo Collective

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