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Free Stock Options Webinar

About The Webinar

Join the advisors at Coastwise as we explore dynamic methods of using options to generate income, hedge against inflation, and capitalize on volatility. Stick around for the Q & A after the webinar to learn more about options strategies! Click to register.  ​​​​​​​ 

  • Learn to Read & Understand the Options Chain

    The options chain can be overwhelming. In this webinar we will help you become an expert in interpreting the options chains. 

  • Use Covered Calls to Generate Income

    Covered calls can be a great way to add needed income to your portfolio in any market conditions. Learn to capitalize on volatility and generate necessary income. 

  • Employ Puts to Protect Your Portfolio 

    Puts can be an effective tool to provide downside protection on your portfolio. Learn to lock in prices by employing puts in your investment strategy. 

  • Coastwise Capital Group

    Webinar Host

  • Scott Kyle

    CEO / Portfolio Manager

  • Patrick Fischer

    Portfolio Manager

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