Exclusive Free Training Session With Andrew Jones

"Successfully Transition Into Data Science (and land an amazing role)!"

>> A 75 minute training session that could shave years off your journey into Data Science!
>> Learn what FAANG companies look for in candidates

"I landed my new role at Amazon totally thanks to Andrew & DSI. The best academic choice of my life - it has given me better results than two degrees" - Andrea

"I had over 40 interviews without an offer.  After working with Andrew in DSI, I quickly got 7 offers including one at KPMG and my amazing new role at Deloitte!" - Ritesh

"Andrew's guidance with my Resume & throughout the interview process helped me land my amazing new role (and at a much higher salary than I expected!)" - Barun

Who is running the session?

​​​​​​​>> Hi, I'm Andrew! I've been in Data Science for over 14 years, working at top tech companies including Amazon & Sony PlayStation. I've interviewed and screened hundreds of candidates, and I've seen, first hand, what it is that differentiates success from rejection. I now run the online Data Science programme DATA SCIENCE INFINITY where every day I help students learn the right skills, in the right way, and move successfully into amazing roles in the field!  Take a look at what we'll cover in the training session below...

  • The MUST HAVE Skills For Success ​​​​​​​
    ​​​​​​​A detailed learning pathway based upon conversations I’ve had with HUNDREDS of Data Science leaders, hiring managers & recruiters

  • Inside Knowledge On The DS Hiring Process​​​​​​​
    Get ahead of the competition, based upon my experience interviewing & screening HUNDREDS of candidates at companies including Amazon & Sony PlayStation

  • What makes a GREAT Data Scientist?​​​​​​​
    What is it that differentiates good Data Scientists from the GREAT ones?  How can you be great too?

  • Andrew Jones

    Session Instructor

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