The Wild - Screening Event for Educators

  • A special screening event for Educators

    Filmmaker, Mark Titus and his team are honored to offer this special screening of The Wild to educators. The film inherently asks: How Do You Save What You Love?  – through the lens of the potential loss of the last fully-intact wild salmon run on Earth in Bristol Bay, Alaska. The hope is this central question will further resonate with teachers and students as they ponder what it means to save what they love in themselves and their own communities in this extraordinary time of change.
    Please join Mark and esteemed guests immediately after the livestream of The Wild for a special, live, Q&A session.

  • The Wild film synopsis:

    Award-winning documentary, The Wild is a race against time. “Newly into addiction recovery, an urgent threat emerges to spur fisherman/filmmaker, Mark Titus back to the wilds of Alaska, where the people of Bristol Bay and its storied wild salmon runs face devastation if a massive copper mine is constructed.”

  • Mark Titus

    Director of The Wild & The Breach

  • Laura Tucker

    Environmental Curriculum Specialist and educator. Writer of The Wild Core

  • Dr. Michael Jabot

    Professor of Science Education at State University of New York at Fredonia

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