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Getting Noticed with Google: How to Optimize Your Practice's Strategy

​​​​​​​As a financial advisor, you’ve probably heard, “if you’re not Google, you don’t exist." But how should you prioritize Google Ads vs. SEO? And are Google Ads worth it?

In this workshop, we dive into all of the details, including: Google Ads vs. SEO, how to setup your Google Ads, and how you should measure performance.

  • Alex Cavalieri

    Webinar Host, Co-Fouder & CEO - Seven Group

  • Learn the differences between SEO & PPC and what makes sense to focus on

    What makes sense for your practice and how to go about building an effective strategy for both organic and paid.

  • Get the tactics on how to conduct keyword research for your content and ad approach

    The steps you can take to identify the right keywords, and why going broad isn't the answer,

  • Learn how to build out your own content strategy for SEO using long-tail keywords

    What it will take to build out the right content approach, including the resources you need in-house. 

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