Live webinar for health professionals  who take care of their back patients

Making back pain prevention easy - from inspiration to implementation

How to guide, to motivate and to inspire your patient in an easy and practical way, so that you can really reach better long term treatment results

Why should you join?  

  • Increase your patient compliance 

    Do they really do what you ask them to do? Mostly not :)  In this webinarI give you  useful and practical solutions.

  • How to grab the patient's attention resulting in implementation

    Stop giving silly exercises...stop giving dozens of exercises... (the patient will forget them anyhow :)) but learn the patient to focus on the exercises that really matter!

  • Use the newest "Back Instruction Card" - the tool for easy prevention

    You will receive a free copy of the Back Instruction Card (pdf) - ready to COPY and to share with your patients.


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Webinar Presenter

  • Steven De Coninck

    International lecturer in orthopaedic medicine (ETGOM-GCI) -

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