How to sustain and grow your business during these times

In this power-packed webinar Mike Anderson (NSBC Founder & CEO) interviews Alan Shannon (Nedbank) and Nicola Weimar (Nedbank) about how small businesses can navigate the current challenges and ensure their sustainability and growth.
With insights from the Nedbank Economics Unit, the scene will be set from a ‘post budget speech’ South African economic perspective, including what to expect in the future as well as the industry sectors where growth is projected.

​​​​​​​This expert panel will elaborate on:

  • How the environment will continue to be challenging for business

  • When we can expect to see a recovery

  • How small businesses need to think differently around how they sustain and grow their businesses (costs, digital journey, new platforms / channels through which to do business)

  • What course of action SMEs should take. Findings reveal that it remains a good time to create networks, and research how other operators are navigating the crisis.

  • As this is not uniquely South African, but rather a global issue, how SMEs can learn from other parts of the world

  • Mike Anderson

    NSBC Founder & CEO, Lifelong Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

  • Alan Shannon

    Executive: Small Business and Professional Banking (Client Engagement) - Nedbank Group Ltd

  • Nicola Weimar

    Chief Economist - Nedbank Group Ltd

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