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About The Webinar

It’s no secret that one of the industries most affected by Covid-19 has been travel. Even now that things are slowly returning to some kind of new normal, travel is likely to remain constrained for many years to come. But people still need to stay in touch, make business connections and carry out site visits, so how will businesses adapt to getting their people back on the road and in the air
In this webinar, you will get the unique opportunity to hear from two companies in the eye of the storm: Uber and FCM Travel, which is part of the global Flight Centre Travel Group. FCM Travel’s Bonnie Smith will present the global group’s research into how businesses in the world have adapted to a changed travel landscape, and what plans they are making for the future. She will explain the impact that shifting demands will have on pricing, the measures that airlines, airports and hotels are having to take to keep their customers safe, and how businesses should budget for these new circumstances
Uber’s Timothy Kiluba will provide some first-hand insights in the way the famous industry disruptor pivoted during Covid-19 and how the company has reimagined the future of travel. Also on the panel is Angelique Montalto, the regional director for travel, expense and invoice management solution provider SAP Concur, who will share her insights into the trends and solutions for business travel in a Covid-19 world
11h00-11h05: Welcome by Georgina Guedes, CFO South Africa editor-in-chief 
11h05-11h25: Bonnie Smith, general manager of FCM Travel Solutions South Africa, presenting research into global trends in business travel
11h25-11h35: Timothy Kiluba, new models lead operations manager for Sub-Saharan Africa at Uber, detailing the ride sharing service’s evolutions and precautions in Covid-19
11h35-11h45: Angelique Montalto, regional sales director for SAP Concur, outlining solutions for travel in a Covid-19 world 
11h45-12h00: Q&A – Your questions on business travel, budgeting and keeping your employees safe answered by the panel of experts

  • Discover how the business travel landscape has adapted to the realities Covid-19, and what this means for your business.

  • Learn how to budget for the changing demands and costs of business travel in the new normal.

  • Your business travel questions answered by a panel of experts who have insights into the current business travel market.

  • Georgina Guedes

    Editor in Chief - CFO South Africa

  • Bonnie Smith

    FCM Travel Solutions South Africa - General Manager

  • Angelique Montalto

    Regional Sales Director - SAP Concur

  • Timothy Kiluba

    New Models Lead Operations Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa - Uber

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