Food for the Soul and Food for the Body All in One Webinar.

Cooking with Gustavo, Episode 2.

About The Webinar

I invite you into my kitchen and you invite me into YOUR kitchen and we cook together. If you cannot join me live, no worries, go ahead and register for any day and any time and you will receive the REPLAY with the written recipes in a PDF file.

  •  When you register, you will receive an email with the link and password to log in AND a list of ingredients that you will need to have ready so that we can cook together. If you prefer to just watch, that's OK. You can watch and then cook at your own convenience.  The PDF with recipes will be sent in a different email. Recipes are: Crunchy and Stuffed Potato Balls, Gustavo's Versatile "Menjunje", Salad (with Caramelized Onions, Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Roasted Bell Pepper), Mushroom (or eggplant) PÂTÉ dip and Sweet Potato Sandwiches.

  • At the end of the cooking session, I will play the piano for you to make this experience a perfect combination of food and music. Music is food for our souls and our healthy plant-based diet is healing food for our bodies. Both are a beautiful international language that break all barriers.

  • VERY, VERY IMPORTANT! When you click the REGISTER button below you will enter your name and email and then you will be taken to the secure  payment page. AFTER your payment goes through, you will be taken to a page similar to the registration page that will ask you to enter your name and email one more time. This is for extra security purposes.
    If you are not taken automatically, click the REGISTRATION button one more time. If this step is not completed, you will not receive the email with the link and apssword. If you have any problems, contact me at [email protected] Thank you and see you in my kitchen!

  • Dr. Gustavo Tolosa, DMA

    Plant-Based Webinar Host & Producer, Dr. Gustavo Tolosa, started his journey in the plant-based, starch-centered way of eating in 2013 when he attended the 10-Day, Live-In McDougall Program, and since then he has lost over 65 pounds and kept the pounds off. He has hosted hundreds of webinars with numerous leading plant-based doctors, psychologists and chefs including the legendary Dr. John McDougall and Chef AJ among many others. He loves to cook and present the concepts of The Starch Solution and the Ultimate Weight Loss Program in easy and practical ways that everyone can understand. He continues to produce webinars with culinary instructors and has started a plant-based web site in Spanish for the Spanish-speaking population who is eager to learn more about a plant-based diet. He has teamed up with Dr. Diego Ponieman, MD and together they hold webinars in Spanish at Dr. Tolosa holds a doctoral degree in Music from the Eastman School of Music (University of Rochester, Rochester, NY) and is an active teacher and concert pianist, performing and giving lectures and master classes worldwide. He thoroughly enjoys combining his two passions: the healing power of music and plant-based nutrition, both being an international language that break all barriers.

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