About The Webinar

With a largely untapped market and limitless applicability, Alternative Data is turning out to be a game-changer for the new age investor. Investors are starting to understand the power of Alternative Data and are increasingly leveraging this resource to gain an edge and outperform in an increasingly competitive market.

TresVista will be hosting a webinar on “Alternative Data- Competitive Advantage in Investment Research,” to talk about how investors across asset classes are leveraging the TresVista expertise in the Alternative Data space to drive investment strategies. This session will provide a glimpse into how TresVista helps clients monetize vast amounts of data, to which they might already have access. And also, how TresVista helps in the data buying process along with its real-time use in value add analytics across different value chains.

There is no cost to attend this webinar.

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  • Tim Harrington

    CEO, BattleFin Group, Inc.

  • Chris Petrescu

    Founder & CEO, CP Capital

  • Moderator, Vishal Shah

    Director - Data Intelligence Group, TresVista

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