Risk, Asymmetry & Maps -A systematic approach to seizing opportunities

Many seem to believe that successful people differ from those less fortunate ones.
Surely, they must do something special, something unique, which others do not understand.
We, personally, want to be like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates or late Steve Jobs, and we trust that there is a secret we can learn, and become successful, too. Situation is not different on corporate level.

Consultants point to companies like Airbnb, Spotify or Amazon, and say we must become like them, because that is the path to success. Even if you could understand what exactly was the source of their success, it would not be much help.
Things that work in one environment, do not have to work in others.
Context does matter!
Therefore, in this webinar, we will look for an answer for a fundamental challenge: 'How to find the thing that I/my team/my company should do to make matters better?' In the course of the session, we will compare approaches outlined by Taleb, Wardley and Snowden.
​​​​​​​We will show convergences and divergences. In addition, almost by accident, we will dive deep into uncertainty, as it is the generator of both risks and opportunities, the true spiritus movens of our world. In the end, we will discuss what all those things mean to us. And if time permits, we will identify our individual, specific actions we need to take to spot and seize opportunities as they appear. 

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