Talk It Out: Boosting Math Achievement

Student discourse can help solidify the learning of math concepts. Perfect for summer school or intervention, mathematics discourse allows teachers and students to access mathematics in new and exciting ways.  

What is mathematical discourse and why is it important in boosting math achievement? In this webinar, we explore three powerful elements that discourse brings to the mathematics classroom and how you can utilize that to boost math achievement for all students.


  • Danielle Battle

    Danielle currently serves as an Academic Officer for Teacher Created Materials, where she provides professional development and training on TCM curriculum materials and Shell Education professional resources for school districts, teachers, and school administrators. Dani has a passion for bringing joy back into the classroom for all students. She began her education career over twenty years ago as a teaching assistant. She then taught in pubic and charter schools in Baltimore and the District of Columbia. She was a curriculum writer, assistant principal of mathematics, and manager of mathematics professional learning for DC Public Schools.

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