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About The Webinar & Panel

Vestibular patients who are informed and prepared are more likely to find answers and get on the road to recovery. Understanding your condition, tracking your symptoms, finding the right healthcare provider, and preparing for your doctor’s visit are a few of the things we will cover during this session. We can help you and your family become better advocates for your healthcare.

  • Research your condition
  • Track your symptoms, triggers, etc.
  • Finding the right healthcare provider
  • Prepare for your doctor’s visit
  • Keeping track of your medical records and symptoms
Stay online after the Presenter Q&A for a panel moderated by Laura Cala featuring Kayla McCain and David Morrill, VeDA Ambassadors and people suffering vestibular dysfunction.
  • Dr. Kim Bell, DPT, specializes in root cause analysis and treatment of vertigo, dizziness and balance problems in patients of all ages. After suffering with intermittent dizziness and vertigo herself for over 25 years and going from doctor to doctor with no answers or relief, Dr. Bell realized how limited the resources are for people with these problems and developed "The Bell Method,” powered by evidence and driven by empathy. She loves to empower audiences of all ages and backgrounds with the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively manage dizziness, vertigo, imbalance and unexplained repeated falls.

  • Dr. Kim Bell DPT

    Webinar Presenter

  • Dr. Danielle Tate DPT

    Webinar Moderator

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