Master the secret language of sales:
with Mike Anderson and Charles Hsuan

You are invited to join this powerful experience - created for those serious about achieving ​​​​​​​greatness as a respected sales leader, professional, business owner and entrepreneur. 

In this interactive Q&A session Mike Anderson (NSBC Founder & CEO) and Charles Hsuan (Storytelling Sales Coach from Flying Kite) will share how to increase sales results through storytelling.

Companies and individual clients are spending money more cautiously than ever.  That is why being "clear" and "compelling' about "what we do" makes it easier for our clients to buy from us.
You will learn:

  • Why good storytelling beats good selling

  • "Fact-telling" vs "storytelling"

  • How to create a memorable and repeatable marketing message

  • What is your slingshot? 

  • How to maximise your sales performance through storytelling

  • Charles Hsuan

    Storytelling Sales Coach from Flying Kite

  • Mike Anderson

    NSBC Founder & CEO, Lifelong Entrepreneur & Platform Speaker

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