Trust Register Update with John Bunker​​​​​​​

In light of the upcoming 5 MLD rules, Fraser & Fraser have prepared an informative webinar which sets out to identify:

  • What should lawyers be doing about all their current and old trusts?
  • And all the joint ownerships of land caught by the new 5 MLD rules?

Postponing the date for entering new Registerable Express Trusts on the Trust Register, until summer 2021, lures some into a false sense of security. But there is much to be done, in readiness for the new law on 5 MLD. It affects many co-ownerships of land, many will trusts and other trusts like life policies, including ones set up historically. This Webinar will guide you on what is needed.

You are invited to attend this free webinar on
Thursday 6th May 2021 at 12:30 PM.

  • John Martin

    Webinar Host

  • John Bunker

    Webinar Host

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