"Crypto & Real Estate"

About The Webinar

Real estate and cryptocurrency are two of the most talked about asset classes just about everywhere you go these days. But do the two investments have anything to do with each other, and can they be used together in a strategic way?

To help answer this question, PIG will be hosting Kevin Mohler, crypto expert and owner of DeFiancy. Defiancy is a decentralized finance agency that specializes in cryptocurrency education and consulting with a diverse team of experts in the blockchain space.

At this event, we will discuss:​

  • Crypto & Blockchain…What It Is, How It Works, & What It Does

  • The Biggest Myths & Misconceptions Surrounding Crypto

  • Real Life Use Cases & How They Can Be Used by Real Estate Investors

  • …And So Much More!

  • Matt Robinson

    PIG Founder & Webinar Host

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