Gear Up for 2022
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Solinst has been listening to you, our Customer, asking for ways to improve your life in the field.  And so we've been busy developing new products and launching them to the market, even during these challenging times.  In the past year, we have released 9 products, all on the heels of the major Levelogger 5 Series release.

This webinar will focus on introducing you to our latest products released this Fall.
Webinar Overview

  • Multiple major advancements improve our popular LevelSender

  • Rugged data transfer unit designed to support Solinst Leveloggers & LevelVents.  The SRU (Solinst Readout Unit with built in Barometer) gives you immediate access to compensated water level data!

  • 800M Mini Pneumatic Packer is the ideal companion for our new Model 415 12V Submersible Pump, as well as numerous other applications.

  • Our latest release provides both convenience and ease of use for all reel-mounted devices. The new 101 Power Winder launching early December fits onto Solinst meters, as well as other reels in the market.  

  • Live Q&A Session

  • Joe Revelle

    Webinar Host

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