A Limitless Entrepreneur Virtual Masterclass


​​​​The talent shortage has affected us all. Needing to fill in again for yet another missing person at work, or dealing with the poor service we are now receiving at our old favorite restaurant which is short-handed.
Why are people leaving jobs in record numbers? They’re quite simply no longer willing to work in a mediocre environment. The best workers are looking for something more.
This new ‘worker’s market’ is good news for you, though! There are a TON of talented people out there looking for a great place to work.

Thursday, May 12, 1:00 PM CDT

Become a magnet for great talent!

There are outlier businesses unaffected by the talent shortage who, in fact, have people coming TO them for work. When you know and apply 5 key characteristics of outlier businesses, you can attract the new generation of worker, keep them highly engaged and productive, and get back to building the business you love.

This Masterclass will teach you…

  • The secrets outlier businesses use

    to build a 'magnetic business model'.

  • Practical, learnable skills to break free of talent shortages.

    No matter what industry you're in, these skills will serve you into the future!

  • How to keep your team engaged and productive.

    Hint: it's not necessarily about money!

Masterclass Trainer

  • Dave Luehr

    Founder of The Limitless Entrepreneur and Elite Body Shop Solutions | Author | Leadership Coach | International Keynote Speaker

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