​​​​​​​What to Expect When You are EXPECTING (to buy an RV)! --Insider secrets that dealers often hide from you + Helpful Tips for your next USED or NEW Motorhome or Travel Trailer purchase.

    Don't be caught off guard when it's time to sign the paperwork or pick up the RV. We will reveal the tricks dealers use to increase their profit margins. 


    Don't be fooled: Know what $ you are really getting for a trade-in. And helpful tips on selling the RV yourself.

  • How to avoid Factory Price Increases.

    Learn what to watch out for in the Sales Agreement details that is allowing the contracted price to go up on the after you've already placed a deposit!

  • Reading the FINE PRINT on the financing paperwork

    We will help you know what to zero-in on when reviewing your finance paperwork and we will train you how to ask for some hidden dollars that most buyers miss.

  • Extended Warranties - A good idea or not?

    We will teach you what exclusionary coverage is. And, why dealers provide a "warranty for life".

  • Tim Richardson

    Webinar Host & Producer of America's RV Show

  • Guest RV Expert

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