The Leadership Crash Course

The Top 8 Things Holding You Back from a Bada*s Business

As entrepreneurs, we start companies with passion, perseverance, and a strong mission to positively impact humanity.  We realize that we have a unique and powerful solution to a problem in the world and we hit the ground running.

We have all of the energy, enthusiasm, and drive, but often we have no idea how to grow the business UP as we grow revenue and our team.  We start putting in extremely long hours, grinding it out, and working harder, like it is a badge of honor.  All of that effort keeps us from lots of social events, family gatherings, and even personal care.  We start to burn ourselves out.


  • How to Create a Plan that Works

    Create a plan to truly lead your company in 2023 and work less in your business while making a 10% increase in profits.

  • Get Clear on Who You Serve... At a Profit

    Nail down who you serve and how you serve them and create an offer that allows you to charge your worth and create more profitability.

  • Offer a product or service that customers love and you love providing

    Create an offer and business model that allows you to stand out in your industry. An offer that lights you up to wake up every day and it allows you to have more time and make more money.

  • Get your offer in front of the people that need it and want it

    Create a relationship marketing plan and a digital marketing plan to sell your service at a profit.

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