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Maritime Industry Dialogue | Session 19

Do we need a national shipping line?

Whether you are a firm believer in the viability of establishing a South African National Shipping Company or not - there are a number of pro's and con's that need to be considered. 

In this session, we will submit to the format of a formal debate with a team for each side: one that will propose that a national shipping line is a good idea that should be actively pursued - and one that will propose the opposite. 

At the end of the session, our audience will be able to vote, based on the input of the debate teams, which route they believe South Africa should follow. 

  • The pro's 
    Those advocating for the establishment of a shipping line will point out the employment potential as well as the need for South Africa to take more control of the transport of its own resources. 

    Tune in to hear more from the team. 

  • The con's 

    Pointing to the con's, those arguing against a national shipping line will emphasise the expensive and volatile nature of the shipping sector. They may also point to existing State Owned Enterprises as a dismal example of the government's track record in operating successfully within the private sector. 

    Don't miss the rest of their arguments. 

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