Airbus A340 Severe Overspeed and Stall Recovery

Real World High Altitude Survival Story and Lessons Learned Over the Swiss Alps

About This Event

Insightful, Relevant, and Operationally-Applicable Lessons Learned for All Airline Pilots
​​​​​​​On 6th November 2018, South African Airways Flight SA260 from Johannesburg to Frankfurt with 259 souls on board encountered a mountain wave over the Swiss Alps resulting in a severe overspeed followed by a stall. This webinar will focus on the factors that led to the event and subsequent stall recovery under extremely challenging conditions. We will discuss the importance of understanding the psychological effects experienced by the crew, the effects of fatigue combined with overwhelming startle. We will also consider the Upset Prevention and Recovery Training program that the crew had received which led to the application of the APS All Attitude Upset Recovery Strategy (AAURS) and a successful recovery from a situation that was teetering on the edge of tragedy.

Main Speaker and Subject Matter Expert - The main presenter in this APS webinar is Capt. Brad Bennetts, the training progam manager of South African Airway's Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)--one of the industry's most comprehensive and longstanding Airline UPRT implementations. Brad has accumulated more than 17,000 hours and 25 years of airline experience in over 65 different aircraft types, including the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320/330/340 series, and competed in aerobatics at national and international levels. He is one of the few pilots in South Africa to hold an Airbus Display Authorization and has displayed the Airbus 320, 330, and 340 at various airshow and sporting events around the country.

Brad will be joined by APS VP Training & Standards,
Capt. Clarke 'Otter' McNeace, to deliver an insightful and valuable session together. The event wraps up with a moderated Q&A panel to address attendee questions.

What to expect from this 1.5-hour webinar ...

  • Understand How Environmentally-induced Severe Upsets Can Happen Unexpectedly

  • Mitigate Training Deficiencies Through High Altitude Handling and Approach to Stalls

  • Better Appreciate the Critical Importance of Well-trained Strategy to Overcome Startle

  • Gain Insights on Real World Lessons Learned Relevant to All Airbus Fly-By-Wire Airplanes

  • Gain a Deeper Understanding of Why Resilient UPRT Knowledge and Training Matters

  • Capt. Brad Bennetts

    Main Presenter

  • Capt. Clarke McNeace


  • Paul BJ Ransbury

    CEO and Host

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