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Rewarding somebody for telling the truth might seem acceptable to some
however, many cultures view whistleblowing as snitching and to pay
somebody for being a snitch is opening them up to retaliation.  Will a reward
scheme be accepted by all or will it open further divisions?
Why do you suppose our whistleblower legislation is ineffectual despite incorporating the majority of international best practice?
What is the status or transposition of the directive in the member countries?
The SEC whistleblower program is the whistleblower rewards gold standard and from which other countries looking to implement a reward scheme essentially copy and rebrand.  Could its success be determined merely on a cultural level and the rise of shareholder activism or can the tenets of the ACT be successfully introduced in other countries?
Why haven't more countries around the world adopted a rewards scheme for whistleblowers?
Those implicated in fraud and corruption by whistleblowers giving statements and evidence at the State Capture Enquiry must be sanctioned accordingly.  Looking back at previous commissions of enquiries perpetrators are seldom punished. An office of the whistleblower could be given the powers to do this?
Going forward a substantial fine can be levied against offenders and a percentage of this paid to whistleblowers who were directly involved in these cases.  Are there better ways to ensure a sizeable monetary reward is paid?
What resources are needed to implement a rewards scheme successfully?
How does one prevent whistleblowing for personal gain?

  • About Primerio

    Primerio and partners recognise the plight of whistleblowers, they also are keenly aware
    that exposing wrongdoing and effectively blowing the whistle comes with significant
    ramifications, the majority of which are exceedingly unpleasant and lives are ruined.
    Rewarding whistleblowers financially however has been proven to be highly effective
    in the US particularly the SEC’s whistleblower rewards scheme that has been running
    for over 10 years and has $100’s of billions recovered made largely possible by handsomely
    rewarded whistleblowers.
    Sadly, corruption has always been a deleterious part of doing business in South Africa, in both the private and public sectors.  Recently we have been privy to the findings and testimonies given at the State Capture Enquiry.  The sheer scale and largesse with millions of Rands of public money swindled gives an eye-full of just how pervasive the looting and how callous the looters.  
    Whistleblowers have played an integral part in effectively outing greedy and inept government officials.  It comes at a cost and the legislation meant to effectively protect Whistleblowers; South Africa's own "whistleblower protection act" the Protected Disclosure Act (No. 26 of 2000) (PDA) in principle is effective however in practice is all teeth and no bite.  Whistleblowers have suffered tremendously; they have done what they believe is just and ethical and should be protected accordingly. Evidently, they are not!  
    In fact, nowhere has a whistleblower emerged from case in a better position financially, emotionally and physically.  All have suffered unnecessary persecution, lost high profile jobs, separated from their loved ones and tragically many have lost their lives!
    Despite there being adequate legislation in place to protect and ideally encourage would be whistleblowers, once the whistle has been blown the path to financial ruination, amoungst others,  is inevitable and quite absurdly has become a rite of passage.  
    Critically for a would be whistleblower, the PDA allows for no monitory reward if a whistleblower's case is successful. Whistleblowers are only compensated for occupational detriment suffered  and not for blowing the whistle (as per the PDA). The PDA only considers whistleblower compensation when the latter has suffered occupational detriment for reporting fraud. Protection is not afforded in cases where whistleblowers received a reward for reporting fraud unless it is payable in terms of the law.Join Mary Inman our esteemed host (Partner at Constantine Cannon and internationally renowned whistleblower champion) as she conducts a panel of speakers steeped in experience and each one an influencer in their own right. 
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  • Moderator: Andreas Stargard

    Director at Primerio Inc

  • Glynnis Breytenbach

    DA Shadow Minister of Justice

  • David Lewis

    Retired Executive Director of Corruption watch

  • Mary Inman

    Partner at Constantine Cannon UK

  • Athol Williams

    Bain and Co. Whistleblower

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