​​​​​​​WEBINAR: Positive Cash Flow with Ian Ugarte

What we’ll cover in this class...

  • #1 With just a couple of deals, learn how this strategy can realistically make you financially free – faster.

  • #2 How this 'blue ocean' approach could be the lowest risk, highest return, investment strategy.

  • #3 Get started with very little & what to do if you have an existing property that could become a cash cow.

  • #4 Learn how to source the right properties, in the right area, with the right features.

  • #5 How to quickly convert a cash eating negatively geared property into positive cash flow.

  • #6 Learn to avoid the big mistakes that can land amateurs in legal hot water

  • Ian Ugarte

    Property Investor, Developer, Affordable Housing Advocate and Expert, Educator, Media Commentator.

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