Video Podcast:
​​​​​​​How to Integrate the Arts
​​​​​​​Reading with Purpose: Creating Monologues
​​​​​​​in the Classroom

Are you looking for ways to boost student engagement in language arts? Do you need help providing students with a purpose for reading? The arts offer powerful ways to spark curiosity, increase cultural relevance, improve classroom culture, and strengthen student achievement. 

In this video podcast, we will explore how monologues will help your students read with a purpose. Setting a purpose for reading keeps students focused and engaged while also giving them a sense of ownership in what they are learning. Join us as we break down the benefits of using monologues in the classroom and how to create them by utilizing primary sources and multiple text sets to draw in diverse perspectives.​​​​​​​


  • Dr. Lisa Donovan

    Lisa Donovan, Ph.D., is a professor in the Fine and Performing Arts Department at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Previously, she served as Lesley University’s Director of the Creative Arts in Learning Division. Dr. Donovan has published widely and presented across the country and internationally on arts integration, rural arts education, and arts integration assessment. She is the 2021 Recipient of the Massachusetts Arts|Learning Irene Buck Service to Arts Education Award.

  • Dr. Jennifer Bogard

    Jennifer M. Bogard, Ph.D., is an educator and author. She teaches courses in literacy and integrating the arts for Lesley University. Dr. Bogard taught elementary school and is a former literacy coach. She presents for schools and professional organizations and writes books, journal articles, and literature guides for educators. She also writes books for children, including The ABCs of Plum Island, Massachusetts, described by Kirkus Reviews as “An unexpectedly soulful and absorbing chronicle of regional history in a scrapbook-style work.”

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