Abundance Alchemy  - A free Webinar on Manifesting Abundance 

"Part of the journey at this time is to recreate our lives, to awaken to the fullest potential of our paths and deliver ourselves back into the flow of laws of abundance upon mother Earth."

What will having abundance do for your life?

Take a moment to think about it… what thoughts, visions, feelings flow through you?

When you manifest Abundance you are manifesting your path, our abundance and our paths are interwoven.When we dream of abundance we dreaming of our potential, of being able to give to, invest in and support the things we believe in. When we dream of abundance we dream of happiness, freedom, service and an inspiring life.

In this free Webinar, I will be sharing channeled guidance about how your manifesting process works and explaining why manifesting abundance can sometimes feel so challenging and sharing guidance on to how come into manifesting wholeness and mastery.

You will be guided through a stunning soul landscaping journey to awaken the Archetype of inner magnetism, from this state of deep connection with yourself and your dreams you will uncover the belief system blocks that you are carrying and receive an alchemical healing to release family “money-path” blocks in you DNA Consciousness.

Temple Alchemy is a revolutionary and deeply transformative process of healing old consciousness and beliefs that block you, bringing you into manifesting mastery, so that you can align fully with your dreams and the flows of abundance that you need to create them.

  • Kahreela Anhara

    Webinar Host

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