FREE Power Webinar [60 minutes] - November 5, 2020
10am Amsterdam | 4pm Singapore | 6pm Sydney

Leader's Block: Every Leader Stumbles.
The Best Learn How to Recover

In this special Power webinar, we (Gerry Morris and Maurice van der Kant) have a conversation with Ritu G. Mehrish about 'Leadership'. Ritu G. Mehrish, the Best Selling Author of LEADER'S BLOCK, is a woman on a mission to Humanize Leadership. She did research and has interviewed 200+ global leaders. In this webinar she is going to share with you what you can learn from these leaders and how to adapt as a leader in this rapidly changing environment! 

When you join us in this LIVE webinar we will give you The White Paper 'Don't Quit Your Job Until You've Read This Paper'!

Leader's Block: Every Leader Stumbles. The Best Learn How To Recover.
1. Do you feel that you are working hard and not seeing the results?
2. Does your day end with frustration and disillusionment?
3. Is the job that you once loved not that exciting anymore?

Is the answer to any of these is “yes” then you are in the right webinar!
This could be Leader’s Block, a phase where leaders feel demotivated and disengaged.

Leaders Cry Too. Usually by themselves and in a dark room. Leaders are expected to be invincible. Made of steel. Act as if nothing affects them. But things do affect them.
It doesn’t matter if they are on the bottom rung of the corporate ladder or the top rung, they - like the rest of us - have emotions. 

Organizations need to recognize that leaders have weaknesses and blind spots. Or what I call, Leader’s Block. A temporary phase when leaders are unable to perform at their best. That dip in performance could be due to unprepared transitions, a new boss, role fatigue or an external business environment.

These blocks are like bugs. And what do you do when you have bugs in your system? You trouble shoot, you find a professional to clear out the glitches.

That’s where Ritu G. Mehrish comes in. Ritu is a leadership troubleshooter, she helps them overcome the blocks that are hindering their performance.

Ritu G. Mehrish is a celebrated author with 20 years of global corporate experience at P&G and GE. And works with leaders to overcome obstacles and unlock their full potential!

  • Ritu G. Mehrish

    Author of ‘Leader’s Block’, Leadership Troubleshooter, Global Speaker and Coach

  • Gerry Morris

    Host, Founder Book Speakers Direct

  • Maurice van der Kant

    Host, Assemblee Speakers, Founder

  • The Definition Of Leader’s Block!

  • ​​​​​​​The Triggers Of Leader’s Block

  • The Symptoms To Help You Recognize It

  • The ​​​​​​​5 Powerful Strategies To Overcome It

  • About Ritu G. Mehrish

    Ritu G. Mehrish is a woman on a mission to humanize leadership. Dedicated to helping leaders openly talk about the challenges, dilemmas and blocks they go through in their leadership journey, Ritu’s passion is to highlight the ‘human side’ in leadership. She believes leaders don’t have to be superheros, they don’t have to try to be perfect all the time. 

    Ritu G. Mehrish is a speaker, executive coach and author, with 20+ years of global corporate experience in companies such as P&G and GE Capital. In her last role, Ritu ran a multimillion-dollar business vertical with 1000 people across 8 countries and 5 continents.

    Throughout her extensive career, Ritu has had the opportunity to work, coach and converse with leaders across the globe from diverse industries. Her business and leadership experience has enabled her to bring in a pragmatic approach to leadership development.

    ​​​​​​​Her client list of – Google, PayPal, Swiss Re, JP Morgan, Applied Materials, Intel, Knight Frank, Johnson & Johnson, AIA, Medtronic, Wharton Executive Education, highlights the level of expertise she brings to the leadership topic.

    Ritu G. Mehrish has lived in multiple countries and is currently based in Singapore with her husband and two young children.

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