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Build Your Own Self-Running Agency
How to start removing yourself from the daily grind

If you ever hope to build an agency that is less dependent on YOU (i.e. a self-running agency ), then this is a must attend workshop

Many agency owners aspire to build an agency that is less dependent on them but no matter what they try, they always get pulled back into the day to day client work and team management.

​​​​​​​Indeed all the team rely on them and client want them on their accounts.

I get it!  I was that agency owner when I ran my 25-person agency but fast forward 25 years and I have helped over 350 agency owners grow their agencies in a profitable, sustainable and enjoyable way.

What You Will Learn In This 45-min Workshop

  • Generate More Quality Leads

    We are going to do some hands-on training focused on a smart, cost-effective and simple way of generating more leads without spending money!

  • Learn How To Quickly Qualify Propsects WITHOUT investing a ton of time
    Have you ever been asked to write a proposal with a really short timescale so you work long hours to do the best job send it over and then the prospect post to you in a matter what you try you can't get hold of them. Well I'm going to show you a foolproof method of making sure this never happens again

  • Q&A Session

    I want to ensure this is super valueable for you so we will have time to answer your questions 

Your Workshop Presenter

  • Rob Da Costa

    Webinar Host

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