Duncan Aviation Straight Talk Webinar

Career Opportunities at Duncan Aviation

Join us as our Recruiting Team discusses different career paths and opportunities available at Duncan Aviation, and how to get your foot in the door at the world's largest family-owned business jet support facility. 

About This Webinar

Accepting a position with Duncan Aviation is more than just another job; it’s a career. More importantly, you have the opportunity to make a difference – for your own career path and in your community.

​​​​​​​Jennifer Monroe and Kendall Folds will sit down with veterans Brad Wales and Brian Foersch to discuss how career skills learned in the military transition effortlessly to a position at Duncan Aviation.

Here is what will be discussed during this interactive webinar:

  • Career Opportunities

  • Veteran Opportunities

  • Culture At Duncan Aviation

  • Skillbridge Program

  • Apprentice Program

  • Benefits

  • Open Q&A

  • Jennifer Monroe

    HR Team Leader

  • Kendall Folds


  • Brad Wales

    Engine Line Manager

  • Brian Foersch

    Engine Line Team Leader

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