IFSCC Webinar Series

Skin microbiome and its cosmetic application
Dr. Nakako Shibagaki, Shiseido researcher
​​​​​​​Monday 7 February or Tuesday 8 February, depending on your location

About the Webinar

Past IFSCC webinars have focused on explaining the skin microbiome. This webinar will focus on how Shiseido takes the microbiome into account when developing new skincare solutions.

  • A unique perspective

    Dr. Shibagaki was trained in plant physiology and molecular biology, joining Shiseido in 2017. She currently works on skin microbiome research.

  • Joined by a Guest Scientist

    We'll have a world-renowned scientist join this webinar to introduce Dr. Shibagaki and lead the Question & Answer session.

  • Live from Yokohama, Japan

    This webinar will be broadcast live from Japan. The date / time of the webinar depends on where you live:

    - In the Americas:  Monday 7 February at 19h NYC time

    - In Asia:  Tuesday 8 February at 9h Tokyo time

    - in Europe / South Africa:  in the middle of the night. Register and you'll automatically receive an email with a recording of the webinar.

  • Dr. Nakako Shibagaki, Shiseido

    Webinar Presenter

  • Guest Scientist


  • Mary Lynn Halland

    Webinar Host

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