The Power To Create - Masterclass

Transforming pain to manifest your best life

         Give yourself permission to evolve.

Did your trauma feel like it was going to break you?

Has other people's toxic behavior made you feel bad about yourself?

Are you ready to change your path and manifest your best life?

​​​​​​​                                        PAIN AIN'T EASY. 

From young motherhood, toxic relationships, betrayal, divorce, humiliation, loss and grief, we've navigated through some of life's toughest storms and used our pain and trauma to illuminate the divine power within. 

What we learned is that even with all our baggage, we were always enough.  We ALL posses power within ourselves  to manifest the desires of our hearts. Let's tap in!

​​​​​​​No matter what curveballs life has thrown you it's not too late!

  • Build Self Confidence
    Connect with the Goddess within you and shine your light on the world. 

  • Turn Pain Into Purpose
    Identify with the hero story in your life experience. 

  • Real Strategies to Navigate Suppressed Pain
    Learn REAL methods to start creating an embodied, fulfilled, whole and happy life RIGHT NOW

  • Megan Macpherson - Jones

    Transformation Doula

  • Lily Shepard

    Sensual Embodiment Specialist

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