Property market safe havens and what 146 property experts have to say​​​​​​​

  • Special Guest Jacob Field

    Jacob is a seasoned investor and an expert property market analyst and researcher. His research is relied on by buyers agents across the country.

  • What do 146 property experts have to say about the property market?

    We look at the findings of the survey to uncover what the experts think about where the property market is heading and the impact of the pandemic across different markets.

  • Where are the property market safe havens?

    Learn the areas that are likely to be least impacted from the decline in tourism, retail trade and short term accommodation. Also, where to avoid!

  • What you'll receive by attending and registering

    Register for the event and you'll receive a copy of the research whitepaper, attend on the night and Jacob will hand over his property market safe havens suburbs report.

  • Mike Mortlock

    Webinar Host

  • Jacob Field

    Special Guest

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