Advanced Astro Photography Workflow

Learn advanced night and astro photography editing techniques in Photoshop to get get most out of the night sky

Take your night photography to the next level.

In this webinar I'll walk you through my favorite astro editing techniques and show how to create polished images of the night sky using photoshop. Get ready to see the light in night photography!

  • Advanced Sky Selections

    Learn how to effectively select the sky for more editing control in Photoshop.

  • Focus Stacking At Night

    Overcome common focus stacking challenges and the alignment issues at night.

  • Blending Dusk & Night Images Together

    Learn how to composite dusk and night images together in a believable way

  • Advanced Noise Reduction

    Reduce noise in high ISO shots by combining multiple exposures together.

  • Light Painting Compositing

    Get the lighting right every time by compositing in your light painting shots 

  • Milky Way Blending

    Make the Milky Way pop by blending multiple edits together.

  • Mike Wardynski

    Webinar Presenter

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