MBA in India (IIM/ISB) vs MS / MBA Abroad in 2021 and How to Choose the Right Masters Program (MS Data Science/Analytics vs MIS vs MiM/MIB)?

How to decide the Right Career Path? How to Choose the Right Program and Calculate the ROI? How to build your Profile for MS/MBA at Top Universities? How to Improve Job Prospects after MS/MBA Abroad?

Webinar Agenda...

  • Higher Studies vs Job

    How to decide the right career path for fresh graduates and seasoned professionals?
    - Manan Puri and Abhishek Chawla

  • GMAT/GRE Prep & MBA Planning

    How to get started with GMAT preparation, B-School shortlisting, and MBA essays?
    ​​​​​​​- Abhishek Chawla and Ankan Guria

  • MBA in India vs MBA Abroad

    How to decide the right option for you? How to calculate the ROI?
    ​​​​​​​- Manan Puri and Ankan Guria

  • MBA vs MS Abroad

    How to decide the right program between an MBA and Business Masters program?
    ​​​​​​​- Nirali Mehta, Amaneesh Kaur and Nandan Mishra

  • MS Data Science / Analytics vs MIS vs MiM

    How to decide the right Masters (MS) program?
    - Nandan Mishra, Amaneesh Kaur and Milind Singh

  • Choosing the Right Destination for Studying Abroad

    What are the pros and cons for specific subject fields?
    - Nirali Mehta, Ankan Guria and Nandan Mishra

  • Experience of Recent Graduate & Student Abroad

    How is the life as an international student abroad? How to look for internships  and jobs abroad?
    - Nandan Mishra and Ankan Guria

  • Institutional Policies

    How are the Colleges/Universities ensuring safe study environments amidst COVID-19? Impact on Fees & Scholarships for International Students due to COVID-19?
    ​​​​​​​- Milind Singh

  • Live Q&A with Audience (30 - 45 Minutes)

    After Presentations and Panel Discussions (~ 35 - 45 minutes), our Speakers will take Questions from the Audience. You could either type in your Questions (on Chat Box) or ask questions live (On Air) if you have a Microphone (and also Webcam if you want others to watch you)​

  • Tanmoy Ray

    Admissions Consultant, Stoodnt (Ex Oxford, UMCU, UNSW) | Webinar Host & Moderator

  • Manan Puri

    MBA (ISB) | VP, Mercer, Ex-UBS | Speaker

  • Abhishek Chawla

    MBA (ISB), CFA | EY, Ex-Deutsche Bank | Speaker

  • Nirali Mehta

    Career Counselor, Stoodnt | MBA – Marketing (NYC), BA Economics (St. Xaviers) | Speaker

  • Nandan Mishra

    Uniper | MS Data Engineering Graduate (Jacobs Bremen, Germany) | Speaker

  • Ankan Guria

    MBA (ESMT Berlin' 2020) | MS (Idaho, US), BE (JU, India) | Speaker

  • Milind Singh

    Representative - Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci (France) | MIB (Grenoble), BE (India) | Speaker

  • Amaneesh Kaur

    MBA (ESADE), Management (LSE) | Ex J.P Morgan & Chase

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